Small Sake Bottles on Ice


Junmai means ‘pure rice’ in Japanese. All the alcohol in the product is the result of a natural fermentation, meaning that no distilled alcohol is added. With only water, rice and koji mold as ingredients, our Junmai can be considered one of the purest beverages in the world.


Small Sake’s Junmai is made from Hitomebore rice with a polishing ratio of 65%. This means that 35% of the rice grain is polished away and only the remaining 65% are used in the production of the sake. The reason for doing this is to remove the less desirable outer layers of the grain, leaving a higher proportion of the starchy center. The polishing of the rice sets premium sake apart from ‘table sake’.


Our Junmai sake is brewed in Nara Prefecture, in the Kansai area of Japan. Nara is home to many shinto shrines – amongst others the most important one dedicated to sake. Nara prefecture is widely regarded to be the birthplace of sake, and is considered a source of especially fine sake to this day.


The Small Sake Junmai has a light pale silver colour, with a clear yet intense and complex nose. The deliciously crisp palate is well balanced with acidity, leaving space to softness and length. It’s dry, full and elegant, with an aftertaste showing subtle notes of rice complemented by hints of nuts. Tropical fruit notes, most notably those of banana, mango and passion fruit, characterize the wonderfully bright aroma.